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Kharga Oasis History


Two points emerge over and over when investigating life in  the desert. In times of  prosperity in the Nile Valley its control reached into the oasis. In hard times, the oasis were left to fend for themselves, and were often invaded and influenced from the west.

When water was plentiful, the oasis thrived; when water  was scant, they did not.

Evidence of early human presence can be found throughout the Kharga depression, including along the escarpment. Most settlements occur around water sources including playa lakes and dprings that are now fossilized. I n Kharga there are springs at high elevations, and ancient settlements have been found in the passes leading out of the oasis.

This is   especially true along the eastern scarp at such sites as Naqb al-Rufuf.

 Pharaonic (2686-332 B.C.)
New Kingdom (1570-1070 B.C.)
Late Period (525-332 B.C.) 
Roman Period (30 B.C. to A.D. 323)
Christian Era (323-642)
Islamic Era (641 to 1798)
Muhammad Ali
European Travelers
British Occupation (1882-1954)


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