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Cairo Pictures
Photo Foul (Beans) from the Car, Cairo Picture Egypt Cairo Photo

Photo Foul (Beans) from the Car, Cairo Picture Egypt Cairo Photo
Photo Foul (Beans) from the Car, Cairo Picture Egypt Cairo Photo

Photo Foul (Beans) from the Car, Cairo Picture Egypt Cairo Photo

This is Cairo's downtown square and also it's known as Raml Station. The statue of the Twentieth Century leader celebrates Saad Zaghloul's successful attempt to unify the Egyptian people in 1919 against the British.

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About the Photographer

Interested in the picture
Tarek Hefny is a young promising student in fine Arts college, Egypt.
He took this "Photo Foul (Beans) from the Car, Cairo Picture" for for our Cairo Photos Collection.

Tarek Hefny email:

If your interested in the "Photo Foul (Beans) from the Car, Cairo Picture" you can order here:

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