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About Zone Travel - Egypt:
We are proud to introduce Zone Travel - Egypt (A class, established circa 1980) as a unique, competent, and professional team to implement and execute new itineraries in unexplored remote areas. Our previous experience has led us to believe that the future market is seeking new horizons, contrary to the exhausted and over exploited programs. These uncharted destinations are the answers to the crucial and vital demand for new packages.

These areas contain unknown richness and pleasures of sea, mountains, desert, flora and fauna, and nomadic tribes in addition to the history that has been literally untouched by civilization and it’s alterations. Our common goal is to become one of the first pioneers to specialize in the local new destinations and packages. Our aim is to create and execute these new programs. Our mission is to assist in preserving the natural habitats of these areas and sustain them for the future generations.

For those with more traditional taste, we also provide the timeless trips to Luxor, Aswan, and Nile cruises. Our company also specializes in the metaphysics of ancient Egypt, covering not only in the historical aspects of the ancient Egyptians, but also in their spiritual/metaphysical beliefs and how it affected their technology, making them leaders of civilization for thousands of years.

We have a variety of programs in the Western desert including safaris and camel treks in south Sinai.

Our staff has been carefully chosen, making sure that they carry our values as a team, in addition to excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They have received a wide variety of professional training to cover every aspect according to international standards. Our staff is composed of multilingual graduates of international schools with a cultured background, fit to be qualified representative of our country.

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