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Egyptian costume halloween princess ancient queen sexy warrior belly dance
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Egyptian costume (belly dance):
Egyptian costume halloween queen sexy warrior belly danceprincess ancient (Every month SafariEgypt brings you a story about Egyptian Costumes) : 

Egyptian Costume

Basic male clothing for the Old Kingdom, 2686-2181 BC, was a woven loincloth wrapped around the hips and held at the waist by a belt, called a girdle. A cape was sometimes worn on the shoulders.

By the time of the Middle Kingdom, 2133-1786 BC, a long garment called a kalasiris developed. For men it was a skirt worn at the waist; for women it was worn under or over the breast and sometimes held with a strap, or was a full-length garment that sometimes had sleeves. The exposure of the female breasts was relatively common among the ancient Egyptians as it was with Cretan women of the Minoan civilization.

The kalasiris and the cape became the standard dress for all ancient Egyptians. The usual fabric was natural off-white linen, some of which was so finely woven that it was transparent. The Egyptian method of weaving gold thread into fabric is still an unknown art.

The laboring classes wore garments shorter for convenience at work. Nobles, priests, and royalty wore the longer version elaborately pleated and draped. Much of the elaboration and color of the Egyptian costumes came from belts, collars, and headdresses. Wide collars and other adornments were of gold and semi-precious stones or glass. Black wigs and Kohl, a dark pigment, were used by both men and women to outline the eyes. Sandals were worn on the feet.

(original text from : Heartland/Acres/7631/ costume1.html )

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