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Dahab Sinai Beach Sharm Bus Car Airplane information
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Dahab Sinai Beach Sharm Bus Car Airplane information:
Simple beach huts overlooking gold sandy beaches as they hug the sapphire sea. A captivating panoramic view reflecting an ideal getaway to sum up the meaning of a pleasant holiday. Such utter serenity can only be deeply experienced in the pearl of Aqaba “Dahab”. Dahab is the Arabic word for gold, which undoubtedly derives from the town’s tawny gold beaches, and orange mountains shimmering all day long in the sun with an inescapable soothing effect. Located on the southeast coast of Sinai, Dahab grew up around the Bedouin village of Assallah, which has for long offered budget beach huts, reasonably priced restaurants and market stalls lining the waterfront. Hence, drawing young backpackers with tight budgets excited to dive, camp and just enjoy the town’s laid-back atmosphere. Today, Dahab’s southern area is distinctly up market with International hotel chains opening up to attract luxury travelers who still want to enjoy nature at its finest and tranquility at its utmost. For all tourists, Dahab offers clear turquoise waters known for its exotic marine life that set it as one of the best scuba diving havens in the world. Its all year round sunny weather and reliable winds provide a flat-water surface for windsurfing lovers to drift along the Red Sea, while surrounded by Sinai’s breathtaking mountains. However, do not be fooled by the town’s laid-back atmosphere, as it also offers exciting safari trips with both rock climbing and camel diving safaris as an ultimate adventurous highlight. Seize the chance to escape the numerous commercial destinations, and visit Dahab to get in touch with its unique simplicity and untouched nature. Nevertheless, be prepared to encounter even more astonishing scenes bejeweling the town’s gentle size while strolling down its pleasant promenade.

Getting there and about:
By Plane: Dahab is located 100 Km northeast of Sharm El Sheikh, which makes it accessible to International travelers through Sharm El Sheikh’s International Airport. Visitors can then catch any of the daily buses available at the airport, connecting to Dahab for only, 11 L.E ($3). Roads are relatively safe, and the journey lasts for an hour. Last minute tickets are available, so you need not worry about booking the bus in advance!

By Private Cars: For travelers who like privacy, private cars are available from Sharm El Sheikh’s airport to drop you off your lodging facility for only 150 L.E ($50).

However, visitors traveling from Cairo can book in any of the West Delta buses available at Tahrir Square for 65 L.E ($12). The journey lasts about eight hours, but the bus stops in various rest stops on the way. It is highly recommended to carry personal IDs, as police officers check travelers frequently for security reasons. Once you get to Dahab, the town’s gentle size allows visitors to explore it on foot, and simply strolling down its narrow streets overlooking the beach makes it an unforgettable delight. Tour at your own pace, and chill out on the traditional cafes lining the waterfront to get a chance to mingle with laid-back locals who willingly provide useful information about their chilled out town.

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