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Dahab Canyon, Blue Hole, Camel diving safaris, Lagoona, Ein Khudra
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What to see and do:
Snorkeling and diving lovers have come to the right place, as Dahab offers offshore dives with ultimate conditions and matchless visibility suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. Quality dive centers are available on every beach’s shore for renting any aquamarine equipment. Nevertheless, professional instructors are available too to create of your dives professional and memorable ones.

Blue Hole/ The bells: A 30-minute jeep ride from Dahab allows visitors to explore one of the world’s best diving sites known as the Bule Hole. This diving site is a cavernous hole with an arch starting around 56 m and a base of 120m. The magnificence of the site lies in the fact that it connects to the open ocean, allowing visitors to encounter an astounding marine life. A welcoming Bedouin atmosphere sweeps away the shore, as huts and traditional cafes offering both food and beverages line on the waterfront. Visitors can rent scuba diving and snorkeling equipment on shore, but have to be ready to walk with their gear through the rocky coastal path to enter the waters once they reach the sign indicating “Safe Entrance”. The Blue Hole is surrounded by magnificent coral reefs and drops to a depth of 260 Ft., making it an ideal home for clown fish, trevallies, jacks, barracuda and possibly white-tip and grey reef sharks. The Bells is sometimes mistaken with the Blue Hole, however it is formed where a deep groove cuts into the reef top just north of the Blue Hole. A 20m dive allows visitors to encounter magnificent soft corals with the sun’s light beaming through the water to create an unforgettable scene of the underwater world

Canyon: Located 10 minutes away from Dahab on the same path leading to Israel, lies another must visit dive site known as the Canyon. People in Sinai believe that a powerful earthquake shook the Gulf of Aqaba, creating the famous Canyon crack. Professional divers and underwater photographers can enjoy a recreational dive by going through the crack that drops to 30m.

Camel diving safaris: Camel diving safaris are the most favored local mean to explore unpopular, yet amazing diving sites such as Abu Helal, The Hutts and Eel Garden. All you need is your scuba diving gear and be prepared to explore Dahab’s remote areas on Camel. This adventurous mode of exploration is ideal to get to mingle with Sinai’s Bedouins, who will offer deep insights about the town and its magnificent allure. Make sure your safari lasts a couple of days, so that you can simply lie on the beach at night, gazing at stars while Bedouins show you true hospitability.

The Lagoona: An extended gold beach, offering windsurfing lovers a matchless opportunity to glide amidst Sinai’s breathtaking mountains.

Ein Khudra: Ein Khudra translates to green oasis in English, and is indeed a paradise on earth. The Bedouin Oasis acted as an important stopover for pilgrims traveling the St Katherine-Jerusalem route. Today, the oasis captivates visitors with its splendid, surrounding views with the magnificent white canyon leading to it as its major highlight.

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