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Aswan: The Nile’s synchronized symphony
Standing on the most enthralling part of the River Nile, Aswan orchestrates a serene symphony for visitors in search of sheer relaxation. Peaceful mud brick villages, ornamenting a verdant strip, watch over the Nile’s blue waters, calmly flowing to embrace the golden desert in an exceptional statement of nature’s contrasts coming together in perfect harmony.

(Nile Felucca in Aswan, Egypt)

Such a beautiful sight forms Aswan’s renown, tranquil islands sheltered by swaying Palm trees to explain why Egypt’s southern most City has been attracting worldwide novelists, and tourists who want to get away from it all. Home to a large Nubian community, adds to the city a matchless African flavor not so intensely felt anywhere in Egypt, as dining on the Nile while enjoying breathtaking sunsets is always complimented by a vibrantly, colorful Nubian show. Aswan “ the relaxed, laid back city” is the perfect definition of a “ Holiday”, so whether you are a traveler in search of relaxation or inspiration, Aswan is the right place to be.

Getting There and about
Aswan has an International airport prepared to serve both domestic {Cairo-Aswan}, and International flights connected to Europe, UK, and the U.S. For budget travelers, the road between Cairo, and Aswan is relatively good, and by checking with your hotel, booking a bus is usually available. However take into consideration that the journey is long and tiring. Once you get there, specialized hotel shuttle buses are available to drop you off for free, and so are taxis, operating throughout the city. The small city enables visitors to walk on foot to almost anywhere, so take the chance to stroll down the streets, soaking up the heavenly scenery, and try a traditional Felucca ride for as a sedate mean of discovery.

Historical overview at a glance:
From Old Kingdom times, ‘Syene’ currently known as Aswan, was a strategically important garrison town, guarding Egypt’s southern frontier, and acting as a military base for incursions to Nubia and Sudan. Located at the cross roads of ancient trade routes between Egypt, Africa, and India, where exotic goods were traded, explains why precious spice markets offering exotic remedies, and herbs are a major feature of the city. For thousands of years the flooding of the Nile deposited fresh, fertilizing slit on the land, making agriculture a dominant activity for Aswan’s farmer community. In 1960’s, Egypt’s former President Gamal Abd El Nasser built the High Dam to save Egypt from the dangers of the flood by regulating the flow of the Nile, and so increase Egypt’s cultivable land, and generate electric power.

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