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Marsa Alam: Awaiting Exploration:
It is in the non-commercial town of Marsa Alam, where visitors can experience utter serenity radiating from nature’s harmonious shades of blue. Its sapphire beaches and unsurpassed underwater world ornament the town, placing it as Egypt’s top diving destination. Strolling down the town’s lively promenade, surrounded by posh resorts narrates a success story of a small fishing town -once primitive with an underdeveloped stone harbor- managing to grow rapidly to set itself as Egypt’s new tourist magnet competent to rival bustling towns like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Marsa Alam is located 790 km south of Cairo and enjoys a unique location on the Red Sea’s extended coast. Its pristine coastline extends 100 Km, unfolding underwater treasures of soft and hard corals, as well as a rare marine life ideal for enthusiastic scuba divers.

Sunny weather and good wind conditions draw windsurfers excited to drift on the Red Sea’s pleasant coast, while embraced by picturesque mountains. Families and individuals can enjoy relaxing on its gold, sunny beaches for an ultimate recreational experience. The ongoing construction of new luxury resorts and the inauguration of its International airport have recently allowed visitors from Europe, and the U.S. to explore the promising town and indulge in its tranquil, intact nature. So, be prepared to the leave the crowd behind you to experience virgin shore beaches, swimming with friendly dolphins and experiencing a matchless marine life in a non-commercial and recreational town, awaiting exploration.

Getting There:
Daily charter flights connect International travelers to Marsa Alam’s International Airport. Flights are available from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Austria. From Cairo, travelers can book flights scheduled every Monday and Thursday via Misr Petrol Company costing 500 Egyptian Pounds. Budget travelers can catch air-conditioned buses that leave daily at 9 p.m. from Tahrir square provided by East Delta Company with a reasonable fare of 12 Dollars. The journey lasts about 10 hours, but buses frequently stop at rest houses for travelers to eat and visit the bathroom. It is highly recommended for visitors to carry their IDs during the journey, as police officers check travelers’ IDs for security reasons. Make sure you carry either Euros or Dollars to pay for your Egyptian entrance Visa, as Egyptian Pounds are not accepted for the issuance of Egyptian foreign visas.

What to do in Marsa Alam:
Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: Marsa Alam offers divers and snorkeling lovers first class sites renowned for their matchless marine life. Good facilities and efficient guidance are available on every beach, as well as boat trips for relaxed visitors who just want to swim in the clear waters, tan on the boat’s deck or snorkel when feeling a little adventurous.

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