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Nuweiba: Becoming One with Nature:
Bamboo huts lined on the sunny beach, embraced by clear turquoise waters and a hazy backdrop of Sinai and Saudi Arabia’s soaring mountains… a relaxing scene of nature at its simplest, yet an intense soothing experience strongly sensed only in one of Sinai’s largest oases “Nuweiba”. “The bubbling springs” or “Nuweiba” is located midway along the Gulf Coast of Aqaba, and has managed to grow from being an isolated barren desert into a promising beach resort and port with equipped infrastructure, capable of welcoming visitors wishing to experience the exquisiteness of nature. Nuweiba is an ideal holiday spot for both families and individuals, where simply lying on the beach to enjoy the tranquility and sun, taking a dip with the area’s friendly dolphins, or just enjoying candlelight camping while grilling food and gazing at the stars makes it a delightful destination suitable for all tastes. Pack your bags and head to one of the few places on earth, where you can truly enjoy the simplicity and beauty of nature unharmed.

Fast Facts at a glance:
Nuweiba is located 180 km North of Sharm El Sheikh, and can be reached from Cairo by direct buses available at Tahrir square, running several times a day. The town is similar to Sharm in its landscaping, as it is divided into main areas; a bustling beach resort, a busy port and an expansive bay each retaining a unique character of its own to draw visitors in search of diversity. Recently, Sinai’s peninsula has witnessed a remarkable boast in tourism; consequently, renovation works on lodging facilities, dining places and coastal roads have taken place vastly benefiting Nuweiba, and creating of its roads a safe, operational route to use. Rest stops are available throughout the way for travelers wanting to stop for a bite or to visit restrooms, and the journey is usually void of boredom, due to the magnificent surroundings, along the road’s sides. Once visitors arrive to Nuweiba they are given the luxury to choose their mean of in land exploration, as locally organized jeep trips and camel treks are available, as well as private rental of buses or taxis, where one can be his own guide!

What to visit:
Nuweiba stretches over 6 miles, which makes it an easy town to discover in a short period stay:

Nuweiba Tarabeen: Lying at the North and famous for its unique oriental atmosphere, Tarabeen is considered the liveliest area in Nuweiba. Home to the Bedouin tribe of Tarabeen, the area is characterized by an endless sight of bamboo huts shaded by thick palm groves, attracting a huge number of young backpackers. Such basic lodging facilities have recently sprouted like mushrooms throughout Tarabeen’s coast, adding to the area’s fun and lively identity.
Visit: Located 1 Km south of Tarabeen, visitors are advised to check out the ruins of a 16th Century Turkish fortress built by Mamluk Sultan Ashraf El Ghouri.
Recommended: After a long day of relaxing in the sun, head to Tarabeen at night, and enjoy sitting in one of its open-air cafes on the shore overlooking the tranquil beach. The serene sound of the waves crashing on the shore serves as the cafés’ background music while you enjoy a traditional meal complimented by a traditional water pipe to total the relaxing, laid- back atmosphere. Shopping lovers can also bargain and settle for good deals in Tarabeen’s Bazaar, where handmade carpets and colorful clothing are must buys.

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