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Nuweiba Sinai Egypt Port Muzeina, dolphins, Colored Canyon, Abu Galum Nature Reserve
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What to visit:
Nuweiba stretches over 6 miles, which makes it an easy town to discover in a short period stay:

Nuweiba’s Port/ Nuweiba Muzeina:
Constructed in 1985, Nuweiba’s Port is an industrial and trading area connecting Egypt and other Arab countries in the Gulf of Aqaba. Thanks to the port trading business thrived, and a community of Egyptians flocked to Nuweiba to settle, which caused an overall boom in the entire area evident in the establishment of hotels, schools, homes and business centers, attracting locals and tourists alike. Many people refer to the port area as Nuweiba Muzeina, and this is because the area was an inhabited oasis that only came to life when the Muzeina tribe visited in summer to pick dates. When the trade thrived, the clan settled in the area giving it its other name.
Visit: Book a ticket from the tourist office, located next to the port, and catch a catamaran to discover the ancient city of Petra in Aqaba. The spectacular metropolis is 96 Km north of Aqaba, and was carved out of desert rock between the 3rd Century B.C and 1st Century AD.
Recommended: Enjoy a dip with dolphins: Anyone would be glad to guide you to Mizela; a village south of the port, where a local fisherman called Abdallah befriended a female dolphin who lost her mate in 1992. Now he can lead you to the bay where Olin; the dolphin swims, to enjoy a memorable experience.

Envisions: Nuweiba is an excellent base for exploring the interior. Both jeep and camel exploration trips can be easily arranged from any tourist office in town. Camping lovers will enjoy the stretching coastline from Nuweiba to Taba, where camping facilities ranging from sleeping bags and eco-friendly huts are available to wake up on the sunrise and enjoy plunging in the Red Sea’s tranquil water, while relaxing around a campfire.

Colored Canyon: About 30 Km inland of Nuweiba lies the magnificent Color Canyon, which is best reached through Ain Al Furtaga by a four wheel drive vehicle. Visitors will be left to gaze at awe on how nature paints a beautiful canvas of harmonized colors on alluring rock formations. Pink, brown, green and yellow layers beautifully cover humongous rocks, caused by the oxidation of minerals, giving the canyon its name, and making it a must visit area.
Recommended: Don't forget to grab a camera, while visiting the Canyon, as the beauty of the surroundings make any picture shot, an award winning photo!

Abu Galum Nature Reserve: Lying south of Nuweiba, Abu Galum Nature Reserve is an ideal spot for dive safaris. Beautiful mazes of wadis spring out of its inland deserted beaches, bejeweling the tranquil sea with exotic plants, and enriching the surrounding plain with a unique wildlife including hyraxes, foxes and ibexes.
§ Recommended: Visitors should check out Habiba Village, which runs an exciting camel riding school, as well as lessons in the local flora and fauna and Bedouin culture and survival.

Once visitors are done with sun tanning and unwinding, driving towards Taba is always a good option to enjoy the posh and luxurious lifestyle and outings. Visitors are to check out the newest resort town of Taba Heights, where partying on the beach and dining in quality restaurants is always a refined way to spend a memorable evening.

Where to stay:
A wide range of lodging facilities is available in Nuweiba, and can cater to different budgets. For visitors seeking luxury, Coral Hilton resort – the oldest resort in Nuweiba renown for its extensive water facilities- offers 20 high end villas, and niche rooms for visitors to enjoy their stay. However backpackers, and simplicity lovers must experience Basata {which translates to simplicity in Arabic}; an eco-resort located 23 Km north of Nuweiba. Basata offers visitors 16 bamboo and mud brick huts on the sandy shore, overlooking the tranquil sea. Make sure to book in advance as it is very popular and is always crowded. (069-350-0480/1)

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