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Aswan Abu Simbel Temple Ramses II Nefertari Temple of Philae
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Aswan: What to see (continued...)
Temple of Philae: From Philae Isis was said to watch over the sacred island of Biga, once of the mythical burial sites of her husband Osiris. After the building of the High Dam, the islands temples were partly submerged in water, and UNESCO led a project to move the temples to Agilika. Now visitors can take a boat to drop them off to Agilika, where both the magnificent temples of Isis, and Hathor are major attractions on the Island. Recommended: Do not miss the Light and Sound show, revealing magnificent stories about ancient history, and its Gods.

Temple of Philae in Aswan, Egypt
(Temple of Philae in Aswan, Egypt)

Abu Simbel: Tourists come from all over the world to visit the Great Temple of Abu Simbel, and the small temple of Hathor. The breathtaking sight of Abu Simbel, overlooking the tranquil river was dedicated to Ramses II. A humongous statue of Ramses II wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt projected on the façade was built to both impress, and frighten people. However, the temple’s interior reveal magnificent unity of God, and King. Dedicated to the goddess Hathor, the smaller temple at Abu Simbel was built by Ramses II to honor his favorite wife Nefertari. The captivating hypostyle hall has Hathor-headed pillars, and is decorated with scenes of Ramses punishing enemies, watched by Nefertari.
Recommended: Visit Abu Simbel at times of solstices; which happens twice a year: Feb. and Oct. 21, where the dawn sunlight, lightens the entire length of the temple. What is amazing is that 3 of the 4 Ramses statues on the façade are lit except for the God of darkness… a once in a lifetime sight worth shooting.

Aswan’s Market/Souq: Anyone would be glad to guide you to Sharia Al Souq, meaning the market street, where you can simply wander around an exotic, and colorful atmosphere of narrow alleyways displaying a variety of tempting goods on sale. From beautifully embroidered Galabeyas { traditional dress} to unique aromatic spices making this market an essential stop for shopping lovers, and souvenir hunters.

Where to stay
To enjoy sipping your morning tea in a verandah at Old Cataract Hotel overlooking the superb, romantic view of the Nile. Old Cataract Hotel is a highly recommended 5 star option. Past guests, such as Winston Churchill and British writer Agatha Christie loved this impressive Moorish style hotel. Budget travelers have a variety of options, yet Kelany hotel is a recommended one famous for being very clean, and very cheap.

Where to eat
Open 24 hours a day, Hamam cafe located on the corniche offers an excellent variety of roasted, and stewed meats served on great mounds of rice. Enjoy luscious plates for less than $5. However, for travelers wanting to treat themselves to an elegant dinner complimented by fine wine, The Terrace in old Cataract hotel is the place to be. This elegant restaurant offers a beautiful view of the Nile, and temples, as well as efficient service, and delicious plates. To enjoy a Nubian entertainment night, while dining, check out the Nubian Restaurant located on Elephantine Island where you can eat, and dance for only $15.

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