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Essential Excursions:
Saint Catherine’s Monastery/ Mount Sinai: Completely isolated for many years, and surrounded by red granite mountains, the fascinating Orthodox monastery is on the main tourist trail, as busloads of visitors arrive each day. Founded in AD527 by Emperor Justinian, the Monastery is said to be the oldest in the world, and most blessed, as monks claim that they have found St Catherine’s intact body in the mountains, and therefore the monastery was given its name in the 10th century.

Recommended: Be prepared to climb Egypt’s highest mountain. The journey is 8,666 feet, offering a truly outstanding view, taking in the gulfs of Aqaba, and Suez, as well as the mountains of Africa and Saudi Arabia. Do not forget to grab a camera to capture the beauty of this once in a lifetime scene, and a jacket, as the mountain’s top tends to be very cold, even in summer. Tea, coffee and blankets are available for tourists once they arrive, and if you are too tired to walk down, camels and horses are available.

Feiran Oasis: Dubbed as “the pearl of the desert”, Feiran Oasis is the largest in South Sinai, known for its laid-back atmosphere, shady palms, and beautiful orchards. Head there to relax, and appreciate the beauty of a primitive life. The Oasis was a significant religious center in ancient times, as pilgrims rested in it on their way to Mount Sinai. Visitors can also appreciate ancient icons, stone capitals and columns dating back to the 5th Century.

Abu Galum Protectorate: Allow yourself to be amazed by the uniqueness of coastal and mountainous ecosystems, which set Abu Galum’s protected area as one of the most picturesque in the world. Characterized by protected fresh water springs, gold sand dunes and magnificent coral reefs makes it a must highlight of your visit to Dahab. Hospitable Bedouins guide you through the main interesting areas in the protectorate, leaving you to appreciate the utter tranquility and magnificence of nature untouched

Nabq Managed resource Protected area: Located 35 Km north of Sharm El Sheikh, Nabq’s protected area is an outstanding varied ecosystem habitat. Visitors will be amazed by the remarkable and rich variety of plants and species. In addition, to its notable sand dunes, and the largest mangrove in Aqaba.

Colored Canyon: Located 90 Km north of Dahab, the colored canyon is nature’s masterpiece worth visiting. The Canyon’s mouth is accessible by car, making it perfect for hiking. The deep rock formations in metallic colors stand in perfect harmony with soft and smooth surfaces in pastels. The canyon is similar to the Jordanian city of Petra, although here the spectacle is natural and unforgettable. Desert trekking and hiking is the best way to absorb the beauty of Sinai’s desert, and the magnificent secrets it folds. Bedouins are guide masters who deeply let you into the fabric of the desert, giving you the freedom to trek either on foot or by camels. 4x4 safaris are available in almost every lodging facility in Dahab with Serabit El Khadem, Jebel El Tih and Jebel Serbi as main highlights.

Where to Stay:
What is amazing about Dahab is that no matter how tight on budget one is, a wide range of reasonably priced to luxurious lodging facilities are available to cater to all needs. Due to the town’s laid-back atmosphere visitors do not have to book in advance, however, will always find a place to stay. Dolphin Camp is an ideal budget lodging facility known for its cleanliness and hospitable staff. Accommodation starts from only L.E. 20 and rooms are air-conditioned. Neptune Beach is a mid range clean dormitory style hotel with a professional safari office, and an accredited diving center. Hilton Dahab offers visitors in search of luxury a tranquil stay with spectacular views and a wealth of Aqua Marine activities

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