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Safari Egypt offers you all domestic airline reservations and provides you with cheap airfare.

Egypt air airlines is one of the pioneer airlines in the world, established in May 1932 to become the seventh airline carrier in the world. Egypt Air operates more than 400 weekly flights departing from Cairo and other Egyptian cities to 84 international & domestic destinations all over the world.

We suggest that you make reservation as early as possible  by contacting any EgyptAir office or your travel agent. Every effort is made to provide seats for passengers holding confirmed reservations, however no absolute guarantee of availability by the terms "reservations" and " booking" or the timings attached to them.

Egypt Air requires the passenger to present himself at the airport of departure for check in at least 120 minutes prior to schedule departure time. An exception is made for US passengers arriving via scheduled carriers connecting to EgyptAir holding confirmed tickets, in which case 60 minutes prior to departure is required. The above time are minimum check-in times and area not to be confused with airport connection times.

Certain items are potentially hazardous when carried by air. Arrangements for transporting them must be made in advance through EgyptAir offices, for safety reasons, the following articles are not permitted in baggage:  compressed gases, corrosive weapons, explosives, firearms, flares or ammunition of any kind. Under no circumstances are passengers permitted to carry in the passenger cabins: flammable liquids or solids, including any or all (vegetables, mineral, or animal); oxidizing materials, poisons magnetized materials, offensive, irritating, or radio active materials, or instruments containing mercury. Lighters and safety matches may be carried for personal use. Medicinal or toilet articles for personal use, such as aerosol sprays, may be carried in limited quantities.

EgyptAir requires passengers to reconfirm their reservation a minimum of 72 hours prior to departure on all segments including the originating sector of itinerary. The reconfirmation procedure is necessary for all booking regardless of fare basis and fare restrictions/regulations.

Your Baggage should contain personal articles only. Commercial samples may be carried at your own risk. Adults and children paying at least 50% of the adult fare are entitled to the normal adult fare and have no free baggage allowance, with the exception of one carry-on bag of items needed during the trip and a collapsible push chair. Free baggage allowance is based on fare paid.

  • To and from the USA
    First class and Horus Class; two pieces of checked baggage, the three dimensions of each piece when added together not to exceed 158 cm. For economy two pieces the total of three dimensions for both bags must not exceed 273 cm. one bag must not exceed 158 cm. Maximum weight for any bag is 32 kg.

  • On all other EgyptAir flights
    First Class: 4o kg. per person
    Horus Business Class: 30 kg per person
    Economy class: 20 kg per person

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Important Pages
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If you cancel or change your travel plans, please notify us so we can cancel your reservation and make seats available to other passengers. You could be helping someone who really needs the seat. Next time you may benefit yourself when someone else cancels an unneeded seat. Before changing your reservation, check all fare and ticket restrictions.

In addition, the following may be carried on all service free of charge: a lady’s handbag, an overcoat, wrap or blanket , an umbrella or walking stick, a small camera/pair of binoculars, a reasonable amount of reading material for the trip, an invalid’s fully collapsible wheelchair or other device upon which a handicapped person is dependent, and one piece of hand baggage suitable for placing in a closed overhead rack or under the seat, provided that maximum dimensions do not exceed 115 cm. Note: bulky hand baggage and more than one piece is not permitted in the cabin. This is for your own safety and convenience as well as the safety of the aircraft.

Other Information 

  • The  ticket you have purchased is a contract between you and the airline,  please familiarize yourself with all it's content.

  • It is the passenger responsibility to ensure that all travel documents required are valid, and to adhere to the check-in time mentioned in the ticket.

  • The fare in this ticket is subject to change prior to commencement of travel.

  • For your comfort especially during long flights, we advise you to:

    • Wear loose comfortable clothes.

    • Move your feet frequently.

    • Avoid Alcoholic Beverages and drink plenty of water and fluids.

  • If you are suffering from any disease, you are kindly requested to seek your doctor advise before traveling. And ensure that you have all appropriate medicine with you.

  • Upon request, EgyptAir provides:

    • Special needs (Wheelchair)

    • Baby Care.

    • Special Meals.

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