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Luxor Map of Egypt maps
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SafariEgypt has acquired a huge collection of Maps that will be displayed starting Jan 2007. The new collection will include all destinations, cities and tourist attractions referenced in this website. We are now showing maps for the main cities of Egypt.

Luxor map of Egypt maps

Luxor City is located on the East bank of the Nile, and here nearly all hotels are found together with the temples at Karnak, beautiful Luxor Museum and the Luxor temple in the middle of town.

On the West bank the Royal Valley of Kings and Queens, temples as Hatshepsut terrace temple, Medinet Habu with its three temples (Hatshepsut and ThotMoses III, Ramses III and two priestesses ruling Luxor in later period). Close to Hatshepsut's temple the remains and displays from the Middle Kingdom temple of Mentohotep. More temples as Ramses II temple (Ramesseum) and Seti I temple are also found.

Do not forget the truly unique and beautiful tombs of the Nobles and in the Artist Village. Here you see scenes from work, home and parties, and get very close to these people who lived here 3500 years ago.

Yes, do stop by the Memnon Colossus - famous among tourists here from the Roman Empire and up until today. In fact they are the two entrance statues that stood in front of AmenHotep III temple. Each of these statues of the sitting AmenHotep III is still around 20 meters high.

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