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Ras Mohammed/Mohamed National Park Marine diving Sinai
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Ras Mohammed National Park :
How would it feel to escape for just one day to a serene place, where Sinai’s warm sun crowns the horizon, shedding its gold rays on the magnificent sight of soaring mountains and matchless orange sand dunes… where turquoise waters stretch along an extended sandy bay with extensive reefs dotted by colorful corals and bright sponges, surfacing to create a refined natural canvas... Wouldn’t such a tranquil sight only shared by nature’s exotic habitats perfect your holiday? Wouldn’t such an exquisite experience of getting in touch with virgin nature explain why a visit to Sinai would not be complete without a visit to Ras Mohammed (Muhammad) National Park? Ras Mohammed National Park (also known as Ras Mohammed Protected area) is an awe-inspiring gem;

a smack at the southern part of Sinai Peninsula, offering the Red Sea Rivera’s visitors a matchless chance to escape commercial resorts to experience nature’s diversity at its finest. The park is the first of its kind in Egypt, established in 1983 by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) to protect the area’s unique marine and terrestrial wildlife. In English, “Ras Mohammed” translates to Mohammed’s head, as the park’s ideal location- overlooking both the gulfs of Suez and Aqaba- is outlined by the two Islands of Tiran and Sanafir, which resemble a man’s bearded face. Not only is the park a gateway to inland diversity, manifested in picturesque gold dunes, valleys, mountains and exotic habitats, but also is a haven embracing an extended shoreline with matchless underwater wealth, and extensive coral reefs setting it among the world’s best diving and snorkeling sites. So, whether you are planning to spend the day or camp overnight under Sinai’s clear sky with bright stars, Ras Mohammed National Park guarantees a memorable experience for children and adults alike…grab your bathing suits and sun block to embark on a spectacular journey to discover the magnificence of nature untouched.

Getting there and about :
Ras Mohammed National Park is located 30 km South of Sharm El Sheikh, and can be easily reached by buses departing daily from almost all lodging facilities. Reasonably priced taxis drop off visitors at the park’s “Visitors’ Center” at Marsa Ghoslane to start off their discovery journey. Renowned resorts like Dahab, Nuweiba and Hurghada also provide buses to Ras Mohammed, and enthusiastic divers can arrange a one day boat trip to discover the park by sea. Arriving at the “Visitors’ Center” is an essential, recommended stop for visitors to soak up information about the park and its strict environmental regulations.

A thorough presentation details the park’s philosophy and history, and visitors are handed color-coded maps to beaches and essential park stops, ensuring they cover the park’s 480 km2 vast area. In addition, friendly and multi-lingual Park Rangers offer useful information about the areas specified for diving, snorkeling and camping overnight. Visitors need not worry about grabbing food or snacks, while visiting the Park, as a five star hotel restaurant is available offering a variety of luscious plates and beverages.

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