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What is the purpose of this page ?
We received many questions about safari trips prices, how they are calculated and what is included and what is not. We thought of explaining the basics of how the price is calculated, aiming that our client can get a clearer idea.

Safari trip main cost
The main cost for any safari trip is the safari car, the standard car is a Toyota 4x4 land cruiser.
The car price is around $170 per day in the Western desert and $150
per day in Sinai.
Universal Projects Tourism owns and manage 4 safari Cars which is of course a privilege as good quality service is guaranteed.
This price is fixed, it has nothing to do with number of paying persons.

How many persons can 1 car take ?
Maximum of 8 persons, but for long trips, 5 persons is enough so that they have a comfortable trip.

What about the guide ?
Generally English speaking guides cost is about $45 to $70 per day, the price really depends on the language required,  for example Japanese guides are of course more expensive  than English speaking guides.

What about food  ?
We offer you 3 meals per day, 2 cold meals (Sandwiches) during the day, 1 hot meal at night. Usually chicken is the main dish at night, as the desert meat is not good at all, however if you don't like chicken and desperate to eat meat we can buy it from Cairo and sent it to you by Car !
Food price is about $7 per person per day.

Accommodation, hotel or sleeping bags ?
There are 3 ways to spend the night in the safari trip, first way is sleep IN the desert in our sleeping bags (don't worry there is always a mattress under the sleeping bag for your comfort). Second way is to sleep in a camp, which is a small place with little huts, it is not luxurious or something, just a nice clean place to sleep and have a shower. Third way is to sleep the night in a hotel, there are more than 3 hotels in each Oasis, a hotel is the best choice for someone who is looking for a swimming pool and air-conditioning !
Prices : Desert sleeping in sleeping bags : $5 per person per night
            Camps : Average $15 per person per night. 
            Hotels: Average $50 per person per night.

Bathrooms, not a problem ! 
I am sure this is a big issue for all of us, don't worry ! here how it works :
If you are sleeping in a hotel or camp, bathrooms are available (Private in hotels and public in camps).
If you are sleeping in the desert, well you have all the desert ! and showers are available in the hot springs and the hot springs are available everywhere  !
Anyway, we have a sort of "moving bath room" which is a portable tent with a toilet and a shower, but it is needed only in the long safari trips (more than 10days in the desert).

Western desert Egypt Safari Programs
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Cairo Western desert Luxor 7 nights / 8days  Detailed Itinerary
Cairo Western Desert Cairo 4 nights / 5 days Detailed Itinerary
Luxor Western Desert Luxor 3 nights / 4 days Detailed Itinerary

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