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The southern Sinai , the triangle of rugged mountain terrain lying between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba , is perhaps the most striking desert stretch in world. Due to its faulted and geological structure it has a unique variety of landscapes : A deep blue sea with the best accessible coral reefs in the world, skirted by wide sandy beaches and lovely palm oases.

Black steep and pointed mountain ranges built of metamorphous rocks, fantastic shaped sand-stone mountains interacted by deep and narrow canyons girded with strikingly colorful walls.

Vast stretches of Sahara like sand dunes. Flat valleys strewn with huge and queerly sand-stone blocks. Massive granite peaks to highest of up to 2600 meters above sea level. Amidst deep gorges, some of which boast year-round mountain streams.

All these landscapes and many others can be seen within a few days of trailing in Sinai. To this add a friendly an hospitable Bedouin population , a great number of thrilling archeological sites, the biblical tradition about the wandering of children of Israel in the desert and above all the great freedom of the vast and empty wilderness and you will know why this area is so dearly cherished.


All tours include driving in specially equipped desert vehicles through beautiful desert land-scapes, hiking through awe-inspiring canyons to lovely oases, visits unexpected archeological sites, close contact with the friendly Bedouin population and swimming and snorkeling along the incredible coral reefs of the Gulf of Aqaba.
The climax of the tour is a climb to Mount Sinai and visit the Monastery of St.Catherine. All the nights of the tours is a climb to Mount Sinai and visit the Monastery of St.Catherine. All the night of the tours are spent camping out. Dinner is cooked and eaten around camp-fire.


This tour is a trek on foot in the area around the Monastery of Santa Catherina.
Food and equipment are carried on camels backs, form one night camp to the next. A trek in this region is a unique experience that combines Bedouin population, and a visit to one of the holiest sites of the world s major monotheistic religions. More and more western travelers are beginning to roam through out Sinai peninsula in vehicles. But the mountains area is unpenetrble by vehicle and have therefore remained relatively unexplored.


This is a riding tour on camels in the area of south Sinai between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez crossing the high mountains range of Sinai. Riding through this region includes climbing beautiful mountains and hiking through lovely wadies. All routs are unpenetrable by vehicles and therefore it has a very special atmosphere that you can never have in any region.
We frequently leave the prescribed rout to travel along new trails, seeking out beautiful scenery, archeological sites and Bedouin encampments many of them never visited by westerners. A Bedouin mountain guide with an intimate knowledge of the region assists us on hikes. Along with the camel riders, enables us to become better aquatinted with the Bedouin lifestyle.

All our safari trips and trekking tours through Sinai include all meals starting with lunch on the first day till lunch on the last day. We cook and eat our dinner around camp-fire. We have breakfast in the morning before leaving our night-camp. We have our lunch at noon time. We supply all equipment water tanks, kitchen cookers, pots, knives, spoons, camp-light, ropes, first aid.

All our safaris through Sinai desert are carried out in four-wheel-drive vehicles. Our vehicles are made to fit our rough trips and for a maximum comfort to our travelers.

Travelers should have the following:
- Day pack to carry personal items they need during the day.
- Light clothes for daytime.
- Warm clothes for the evening.
- Modest clothes to enter the holy sites.
- Good hiking shoes.
- Bathing suit.
- Mask and snorkel.
- Water containers 1 to 2 liters.
- Flash light.
- Good sleeping bag ( water proof ).
- Sun hat.

The following items are necessary in trekking and camel riding :
- Day back-pack for personal gear and food.
- Very good hiking boots.
- Very warm clothes for the evening.
- Very good sleeping bag for approximately minimum zero to minus ten
degrees in winter time and ten to five as a minimum degree in summer time . ALL PERSONAL GEAR SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN 8 Kg.

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