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Queen Hatshepsut’s temple at Deir al-Bahari, Information Egyptian tomb
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Queen Hatshepsut’s temple at Deir al-Bahari: (The Splendor of all Splendors)
Against a bare, mountainous backdrop rises a series of imposing terraces from the plain desert…a breathtaking statement of nature, and refined architecture in absolute harmony: “Queen Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple at Deir al-Bahri”. The extraordinary sight was built by Queen Hatshepsut’s architect Senenmut- rumored to be the Queen’s secret lover- in the 18th dynasty. Hatshepsut dedicated the temple to her divine parents: Amon and Hathor to eternalize their memory, and strengthen her legitimacy as Egypt’s first female Pharaoh.

The Queen was in love with the temple’s design and location, and so gave it the name “Djeser-Djeseru”, a well- deserved title meaning the “splendor of splendors”. However, Ramses II and his successors destroyed the monument later on, leaving reconstruction efforts, and ongoing excavations to reveal exquisite decoration, still surprising locals and visitors alike. Senenmut set the temple at the tip of a valley surpassed by Thebes; where the goddess of silence looked over the necropolis. The temple’s location is believed to be the most dramatic in the world, drawing travelers from all over the world, and setting the sight on top of visitors “Must See” list.

Queen Hatshepsut’s temple at Deir al-Bahari: (The Splendor of all Splendors)

An overview of the temple’s location:
Hatshepsut’s temple is located on the west bank of the Nile, opposite to the city of Luxor in an area known as “Deir al-Bahari”. The area’s name translates to the Northern Monastery, as Christians turned the area into a monastery due to its pleasant, isolated nature and resided in it after Ramses II and his successors.

Hatshepsut’s temple is said to be a bigger reflection of the much older, adjacent Temple of Montuhotep II, the ruler of the 11th Dynasty, who managed to unite Egypt, and build the first temple in Deir al-Bahari. Visitors can purchase tickets to visit Hatshepsut’s temple from tourist kiosks open daily from 6 am to 5 pm, however, it is highly recommended to grab plenty of water to keep you hydrated through out your visit.

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