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The Great Pyramid of Khufu Sphinx Solar Boat Museum Egyptian
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Be Captured by Grandness; The Great Pyramid of Khufu
Ranked as the tallest structure on earth till the 19th century is enough to set Khufu on top of the list of wonders. The grand structure is estimated to have 2,300,000 stones, weighing about 2 tons each. If you have no fear of closed areas, you can enter the great Pyramid for L.E 100, where a visit to the King's burial chamber is allowed. As you enter the chamber, don't miss looking above the ceiling, where you'll find Graffiti blocks mentioning the year 19 of the reign of King Khufu, indicating that it must have taken up to that point to build the Pyramid. Historians say that the King was buried with his finest clothes, personal belongings and gold to be prepared for after life, but Khufu was wise enough to create junk replicas of his precious belongings to fool greedy visitors. Thieves were said to be found dead after 24 hours of entering the Pyramid, owed to "Khufu's Curse", and for visitors wanting to avoid the curse, photography is not allowed inside the Pyramid.

Fun Photography Tip: To create a memorable photo, let anyone guide you to the spot, where you can be shot holding the tip of the Pyramid
Note: It is not suggested to buy papyrus or Pharaonic statues from plateau buyers, as they tend to be more expensive, in comparison to bazaars

Khufu Pyramid and Sphix in Cairo, Egypt
(Khufu Pyramid and Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt)

The Solar Boat Museum; Majestic transportation for the Majesty
As you leave Khufu’s Pyramid, head south to visit the Solar Boat Museum, which will cost you an additional L.E 20; home to the boat believed to have transported King Khufu’s body to the Pyramid. The 142ft stunning boat, was discovered in 1945, but was found in separate parts, and was re-assembled through meticulous stitching with vegetable fiber. A watermark on the boat’s hull indicates that the boat was used only once, reinforcing the above-mentioned belief.

The Sphinx; the Pyramids’ Guardian
Carved from the bedrock of Giza plateau, stands the Sphinx with a head representing that of King Khafre and a body of a lion, which is a King’s representation in ancient art, symbolizing both power and wisdom. Historians say that the twenty meter high statue faces the East to greet the sun, as it rises everyday, and was painted with striking colors, that have sadly faded by time. A common misconception suggests that the Sphinx nose was shot off by Napoleon's men, but 18th century drawings reveal that the nose was missing long before Napoleon's arrival.

Highly Recommended: Visit the Pyramids at night and enjoy the splendor of an informative sound and light show; available in almost all languages.

Sphinx at Sunset Cario, Egypt
(Sphinx at Sunset Cairo, Egypt)

Rest and Reflect
For seafood lovers, check out Christo Restaurant, as You leave the plateau.. A beautiful open air terrace overlooking the Pyramids is available, allowing you to dine in a genuine atmosphere. Recommended at Sunset. Traditional cuisine is served in “Felfela” ; a 5 min walk from the Pyramids, serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

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